Tuesday, 9 December 2014

OMC meets Strange-Loop

Okay listen up, we've got a treat for you this time! We have some absolutely incredible pieces from Strange-Loop Jewellery in store and they look so goddamn good! I mean just look at the photos, they are seriously stunning. We have all of these in store and they are ready for new owners to show them off like they deserve!

If you're interested in any of these pieces then pop into the shop or drop us a call/email for more information - outsidermotorcycleclub@gmail.com 

As I said we have all of these items in store and if you want to see what else Strange-Loop are working on then pop by their Facebook page or website - http://www.strange-loop.com - Don't forget The OMC is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram come and talk to us, send us links to cool bands, fashion trends or just anything cool and feel free to share the blog around!

We look forward to seeing you down the Outsider Motorcycle Club soon, there might even be a little bit of whisky in it for you!

The next blog is a sweet one, so keep an eye out!


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