Thursday, 13 November 2014

Pop by the OMC, these cool people have!

This latest blog update is dedicated to you, the awesome people that have dropped by the store in the last few months. We love the buzz of helping people find the right jacket, those stomping boots or that perfect vintage accessory. We'll keep it simple and let the photos speak for themselves.

Lady O, soulful lead singer of Coffee Pot Drive.

Daisy, Manager of Mare and Beck in Hackney. Pop by for a coffee? or hell even a cocktail!

Harriet from Metal band Black Moth based up in Leeds! Check them out

We're going to leave it there, but don't worry we'll be posting more blogs very soon!

We don't want to upset anyone, so if we've included a photo of you in this blog and you would rather it not be there please let us know and it will be removed.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Rock that Hat!

What better way to finish off your Rock, Vintage or Blues style than with a beautiful and truly individual hat? Today we're showing you some of our favourites we have in store. All are for sale and prices are available at request, if you're interested just drop us a line! Also please feel free to share, comment and check out our social media sites! 

The bowler has deep routes in London and has been popular all over the world. It has history in all social classes working and wealthy, it’s fought on both sides of the law and has won hands down. This Bowler has had its original features accentuated with a slight leather strap with dark metal sheriff style buckles.

The Fedora has a rich history, including links with Prohibition, Gangsters and used as a symbol for the Women’s Right’s movement. This crisp cream fedora has elegance and grace, but we need to make it a bit more stylised. Finished with a leopard print strap we’ve raised this Fedora to a Rock N’ Roll must have accessory.

This worn and washed Cowboy/Stetson style hat has a distinct style and quality to it. It’s got a lot going on with every mark and imperfection casting an air of intrigue and individual style. The band around the neck gives the impression of a bone effect and a sense that this hat belongs in the wild.

Two words can describe this beautiful hat, rock royalty. With an air of Jimi and a dash of Slash (The Guitarist, before you start to worry) This top hat really is for that band member with that something special, the lead vocalist with a love for the stage or that bassist with a smooth solo! The light purple, almost grey fabric is offset beautifully with a thin black leather strap, intricate metal detailing and little specks of cyan makes every element of this hat work seamlessly together.

This black felt hat, with a rounded crown and flat brim will go with every rock outfit in your wardrobe. The felt material gives the hat a beautiful texture, one that invokes a sense of nostalgia of gigs past and present. The hat is customised with two modest, studded black leather belts, wear this to that gig you've been waiting for, down the pub with friends or part of your everyday style.

OMC out!