Wednesday, 22 October 2014

OMC is back blogging!

It would appear it’s been a while since we posted! We’ve not been away, but you could say we’re back to let you; our friends and fans know what we’re doing, what we’re making and what’s cool! So keep an eye out for the blog and across our social media sites (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) as we’ll be posting regularly on each and please drop us a line/retweet/email and come visit us in store for the real OMC experience!

Today’s blog update is of some of the smaller items, but don’t take that to mean less impressive! Here is the first rocking round of jewellery we have found on our travels. All items are for sale so let us know if you want anymore information on these items (prices available at request)

Skull Cross bones necklace:

The OutsiderMC necklace. Synonymous with style, individuality, Rock N’ Roll and creativity. The ball chain necklace keeps the skull and bones well grounded. A great piece to complete that Rock style. 

Naked Necklace:

Who wants to take this one for a ride? It's totally badass and not the faint-hearted. Chunky chain keeps everything in place!

Cuff Bracelet:

The cuff bracelet is the perfect rocker/punk accessory. Chunky cuff with rope style engraving, great attention to detail with cross braided effect. 

Alien Ring:

Subtle, understated and small. These are words not associated with this Ring. Alien inspired, this is something you wont find every Tom, Dick and Harry wearing. Intense attention to detail, metal finish. Understandably out of this world. 

Skull and Bones Ring:

Putting a regal, sophisticated touch on the Skull and Bones theme. Cast upon a lined background, with bead effect framing you can’t help but feel this belongs on a brooch. The bronze, worn down finish makes you feel it has a history not to be messed with. 

Ghost Rider:

Sold - You don’t have to give your soul to Satan to wear this ring, but it might make a better story if you do. This Ghost Rider inspired ring symbolises fearlessness, sacrifice and most importantly hellfire. A great piece for the rider with a past and purpose. 

Punisher Ring:

One for the Graphic novel enthusiasts, we give you a homage to the original 5 issue comic book series, The Punisher. This ring, with its unpolished and imperfect finish is symbolic of the world we live in. 

That's it for now rockers and rollers. Keep your eyes peeled for more blogposts and feel free to get in touch!